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Ken Lee

IPE/ WNBF Pro Bodybuilder, NASM CPT, Pn1,Pn2 Coach, SFG

IG: @natural_discipline85

Ken works as an elite lifestyle coach for one of the top luxury gyms in the NYC area. He focuses on coaching sustained lifestyle change, nutrition, and movement with a focus on strength and conditioning. Ken has also spent the past 10 years in the field creating several projects and curriculums for those around him. He has worked diligently to create club culture and awareness through multiple mentorships and lectures about business, personal development, and nutrition. He has also created a successful bodybuilding prep/mentorship program for his athletes.

At just 11 years old, Ken began his fitness journey. He was highly influenced by his father, Tommy, who exposed him to strength training, bodybuilding, and a strong work ethic. Ken quickly fell in love with strength training and the ability to help others find the “strongest versions” of themselves. Between the ages of 14-18, he devoted time to teaching clients how to develop their strength, both mentally and physically. He knew early on of his true passion and promising future within the fitness industry.

Ken was awarded a B.S. in Exercise Science from Rutgers University. While there, he focused on educating his peers about nutrition and training, creating a community and culture around improving fitness and lifestyles. Here, he established a leadership role which would later transcend to his professional career.

An internship at his current fitness company kickstarted his professional career at the age of 22. During his tenure, with the help of his peers and other fitness professionals, he’s established himself as a top coach and producer within the company, ranking Top 100 for 5 consecutive years and Top 20 back to back years. Ken recently received an honorable nomination for “Trainer of the Year Award” in 2016. His goal has always been to meet his vision as the ultimate coach; one who produces, educates, competes in sport, and impacts those around him.

Ken’s coaching style is a culmination of his experiences in the field. He is currently a Natural Professional Bodybuilder, nationally qualified strongman, powerlifter, and weightlifter. He has taken the time to work with some of the best coaches in the industry, both as an athlete and fitness professional, to benefit not only his own lifestyle and performance but also that of his clients. He strongly believes in the philosophy, “Practice what you preach,” in order to effectively understand and coach others.

He also believes coaching the mind first is imperative to create the desired outcome and that goals are sustained through consistency, hard work, discipline, and understanding purpose. He focuses his energy on building connections and truly understanding what is important to his clients.


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Jennifer Carlson

NPC Bikini Competitor, NASM CPT, Pn1 Coach

IG: @jenatthegym

Jennifer is a Personal Trainer for one of the premier health club chains in Manhattan with 2.5 years experience working one on one with clients. She has competed in 7 NPC Bikini competitions, with 4 National Qualifications and 1 Novice Overall Championship win. She specializes in Bikini physique prep, strength and conditioning, and nutrition coaching. She was born & raised, and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY with her dog Ruthie.

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